Being one of the joints most frequently affected by osteoarthritis, it is particularly important to know that this condition does not only affect older people. The knee is the most challenged and stressed joint in both recreational and high-performance athletes, in addition to the significant impacts it endures during daily activities.

In the past, we only had two options: start with physiotherapy and analgesics and wait for the joint to deteriorate completely, this reduces productivity in sports or daily life regardless of your occupation and then then finally a sequence of traumatic surgeries, from arthroscopic surgeries to the feared and complicated knee replacements surgery.

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What are the advantages of the SANAA Method?


The SANAA Method goes beyond traditional methods, being better tolerated than surgeries, has no complications, and our comprehensive focus is the key to success.


Unlike surgeries, it does not require long periods of disability; on the contrary, it achieves very rapid rehabilitation.


As it is an integrated treatment, where stem cells are applied and specific therapies are conducted with advanced technology, there is noticeable improvement in symptoms.


Since 2014, our scoring system has demonstrated the high effectiveness of our SANAA Method.

Phases of the SANAA Method

With our SANAA Experience protocol, which consists of three phases, we offer a revolutionary cure for this pathology.

Today, with our SANAA protocolwe can halt the aggressiveness of this joint pathology, restoring joint function through regeneration with stem cells and, most importantly, avoiding the aforementioned surgeries. This allows our patients to return to a healthy life with an enhanced quality of life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

They are cells that we all have, primarily in the bone marrow and adipose tissue, which continuously regenerate our tissues. Through our protocols, they regenerate damaged tissues such as cartilage.
We can harvest them from the patient’s own body. Depending on the need, we can also use umbilical cord cells from a healthy donor bank to optimize results.
It requires between 5 and 15 days on-site, outpatient in Bogotá.
It depends on the patient. The minimum quantity used is one million cells per kilogram of the patient’s body weight, but in anti-aging cases, up to three hundred million stem cells can be used.
Pain management, arthritis, osteoarthritis, neurodegenerative diseases, Parkinson’s, anti-aging treatments, sexual dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, and renal insufficiency.
It requires between 5 and 15 days on-site, outpatient in Bogotá.
In cases of pain, you can start to see results almost immediately, but stem cells and biological cellular regeneration take between 6 and 12 months.
We speak Spanish, English, Papiamento, and Dutch.

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